About Spokey

Spokey is more than just a brand - it’s quality that has been around since 2004 and can be seen in all of our products, which are designed to help push people beyond their limits, develop their skills and to aid in ascending the highest peaks. We know that there’s a sport for everyone, which is why it is our goal to provide quality sportswear for everyone.

2004 – The Spokey brand is founded

2008 – Awarded for the most interesting stand at the Kielce International Fair (also awarded in 2009 and 2011, as well as in 2012 for the most original presentation)

2012 – Awarded the Golden Statuette from the FAIR PLAY ENTERPRISE

2015 – Debuted at the prestigious ISPO Munich sports trade fair

2016 – Brand rebranding

2016 – Introduction of the fourth distribution channel: e-commerce

2017 – Relocation of the company’s headquarters

2018/19 – Transfer and reprocessing of the logistics center

2019 – Introduction of electric scooters, helmets and ski goggles

2020 – Change in the trading platform to increase the comprehensiveness of services

2020 – Reached 1,000 SKUs



What distinguishes us on the market is our extensive range of sports products, made for both children and adults. The quality, wide selection of colors and original design are what clients love most about us. We put our passion for sports into the Spokey brand, and through our products, we want to share that same passion with our future clients.



For the Spokey brand, there are no borders. We have been working intensively these past years on the development of our export department, which helped to spread our presence in 25 countries. We actively promote good practices and a love of sports abroad, and we respond with satisfaction to the growing interest in the Spokey brand. We have partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary, and one of our company branches is located in the Czech Republic.


Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all sports fans - from those just discovering their passions, to those with years of experience. The Spokey brand has over 1,000 SKUs, which are distributed through four sales channels

Over 900 clients located throughout Poland

Cooperation with renowned brands

25 countries throughout Europe



Our team is Spokey - we are passionate individuals, ready to go beyond the call of duty to help our clients find the right products, and above all, to keep them coming back and wanting to try something new. We learn from one another everyday, and before releasing new products, we rigorously test them all. We make use of the latest technologies and come up with new ideas for growing our brand from our 311 square meter conference rooms. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our product development team has the best possible working conditions.



Our logistics center is situated in an ultra-modern, 4 817 square meter warehouse, full of professional staff who prepare thousands of products everyday to be sent out to customers all throughout Europe. With 7,000 warehouse storage racks and a revolutionary managerial system, our products get shipped in no time.



We want to show the world that there’s a sport for everyone - regardless of age or experience. For this purpose, we are constantly expanding our list of products with new items. We’re also planning on taking an environmentally-friendly approach, by introducing a completely new range of ecological products. Our desire for continuous development has also led us to change our main trading platform, in order to increase the functionality and comprehensiveness of the services we offer.

New trading platform

Achievement of 1000 SKUs

Introduction of eco products

Extending the product offer


Why choose us?

The choice of sports equipment is determined by its quality and reliability. In order to fully meet the expectations of our clients, our range of products is being constantly improved and subjected to rigorous tests. We create equipment based on years of experience, which serves the development of our brand. It's thanks to this that brings us joy when using Spokey products.

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